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About the Fam

Harvesting The FAM is Windsor, Ontario’s largest independent inter-arts festival designed for the promotion and development of Film, Fashion, Artistic and Musical talents (FAM), working in any medium or genre. The festival creates a positive, open-minded space for artists to exhibit, promote, perform and sell their works.

This year’s festival runs September 29th – October 30th // 2016 at a variety of venues and spaces transforming the downtown core of Windsor into a cultural mecca for the masses. FAM Festival acts as a collective call to inform the people of Windsor, as well as communities throughout North America, that creativity lives here.

Showcases and events are FREE to the public. There are zero application fees for participating artists and no commissions taken from the sale of works. We work to create a place for emerging talents to be seen and heard. Can you dig it?

Be a part of the festival.

Interested in taking part in this years festival? We are looking for applications from any interested fashion designers, visual artists, film-makers, solo musicians or bands. Any medium or genre is welcome to apply. This year’s festival runs from September 29th – October 30th // 2016.

We do things a bit differently at FAM Fest. We don’t think it’s fair that we charge you a fee to tell you did or didn’t make the cut for this year’s event. Our events are free but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be compensated for your time. We have developed a system to put money in the hands of performing artists and we take zero commission from the sale of works from any participating artists.

To apply please fill out the following form and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as humanly possible! Deadline is July 1st! Thanks! We don’t start reaching out to selected artists until July 15th, so please be patient!

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Volunteer to help.

Interested in helping us organize and run the festival? We’re always on the look out for motivated, creative people interested in volunteering their time to help us ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We’re looking for volunteers no matter how much or how little time you can give. Fill out the form below and someone will get in touch.

We look for volunteers to take part in a variety of capacities including but not exclusive to: Sound Techs, Stage Managers, Social Media Managers, Marketers, Promotors, Artist and Volunteer Liaisons, Photographers and Videographers.

No matter your skill-set or past experience, we can find a place for you to learn, teach and develop your portfolio.

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This year’s festival line-up won’t be announced until September 1st, but you can have a look at our line-up from 2015 below to get an idea of the talents we represent…


Sunday, October 4th @ Mackenzie Hall, 5pm:

Sundays and Mondays Theatre Collective presents “Subject to Revision”

A new work devised by: Brittany Shepley, Cara Rodger, Daniela Piccinin and Kaitlyn Kelly

Premise: What if there was a way to go back and uncover what you no longer remember? What don’t we know about ourselves that could alter our perception of who we think we are? Four women delve into the booze soaked, drug addled memories of David Carr, exploring what it means to discover the truth of self perception through the spaces between. Inspired by his memoir “The Night of the Gun: A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of His Life; His Own”, they will come up against the mind’s greatest evolutionary tactic: memory.


Tuesday, October 6th @ Milk Coffee Bar, 8pm, All Ages:

Windsor Music Video Contest Entries
Trigger Warning By: Lauren Hedges
A Nuclear Voyage By: William Humphrey
Tape By: Sierra Parr
Authorities & Expectations By: Ken Lori
Random By: Indira Killen

Thursday, October 8th @ Phog Lounge, 7pm:

If It’s Not Something, It’s Something Else: The Story Of The Reason By: Chris Paco
Fiftywatthead – A Documentary By: Garth Jackson


TRNSFRMR Gallery (510 Pellissier): ONE NIGHT ONLY: Oct.9th, 8:00pm-2:00am

April Fawler
Beast Syndicate
Brian Dawes
Briana Athena Benore
Dave Creed
Dave Houle
George Rizok
Greg Maxwell
Jon Jimenez
Katrina Saulnier
Kevin Buckridan
Murad Erzinclioglu
Stephen Gibb
Tena Campbell
Tony Gray
Tracy Paterson
Vaughn Beneteau
Victor Romao

Common Ground (Mackenzie Hall): October 1st-22nd – Reception: October 4th, 3:00pm-5:00pm

Carol Dayus Graham
Dave Creed
Jude Abu Zaineh
Julia Hall
Kevin Buckridan
Kevin Kavanaugh – kevkav
Raven Skye
Rosina Riccardo
Stephen Gibb

Milk Coffee Bar: Month of October

Ashleigh Gunter
Beast Syndicate
Brian Dawes
Devon Pastorius
em.g photo design
Keith Ledoux
Lauren Hedges
Melissa Marchant
Neda Laketic-Soc
Robert Zuniga

Phog Lounge: Month of October

Alain Rocha
Greg Maxwell
Jon Jimenez
Dave Houle
Megahn Nikitin-Mackay
Paul Labute

Rinos Kitchen: Month of October

Christy Litster
Reannon Price
Tony Gray
Tracy Paterson
Victor Romao

Artspeak Gallery – ACWR: October 5th – 10th

April Fawler
Briana Athena Benore
Dave Kant
George Rizok
James OL
Syxx Langman
Tena Campbell
Vaughn Beneteau

Levigator Press:

Jodi Green
Leesa Bringas
Mary MacVoy


Thursday, October 1st:

Milk Coffee Bar:

9:30pm – Britni Carey
10:30pm – Roisin Tuohy
11:30pm – Zarasutra

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Upstairs):

10:00pm – Wolves From Dogs
11:00pm – From Sky To Space
12:00am – In Our Finite Space

Friday, October 2nd:

Rino’s Kitchen:

7:00PM – Darren Dobsky

Phog Lounge:

10:30pm – A Welcome Breeze
11:30pm – AA Wallace
12:30am – The Greedy Echoes

Villains Beastro:

10:00pm – Two For The Cascade
11:00pm – Takers & Leavers
12:00am – Unquiet Dead
1:00am – Years of Ernest

Saturday, October 3rd:

Villains Beastro:

10:00pm – Chairhat
11:00pm – Brother
12:00am – Atsuko Chiba

Phog Lounge:

10:30pm – Foxhart Fishman
11:30pm – Tea Leaves
12:30am – Of The Pack

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Main Floor):

11:00pm – Reckless Upstarts
12:00am – Thick As Thieves

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Upstairs):

10:30pm – Salt Shaker
11:30pm – Border Patrol
12:30am – Tara Watts & The Ohms

Sunday, October 4th:

Dominion House:

6:30pm – Tony Coates
7:15pm – Pariah Brother
8:00pm – Goodnight Sunrise
9:00pm – The Infidels
10:00pm – Ivory Hours
11:00pm – Hutch

Monday, October 5th:

Phog Lounge:

FAM JAM Open Mic Surgery With Dr. James O-L

Tuesday, October 6th:

Phog Lounge: Toast Open Mic Poetry

9:00pm – Toasted FAM with special guests: Enola Cola and Alexander Zelenyj & Andrew Murphy

Wednesday, October 7th:

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Main Floor):

9:00pm –   Guitar Army
10:00pm – Cowboys In Cardigans

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Upstairs):

9:30pm – Uncle Ray
10:30pm – Dirt
11:30pm – Hell Is Other People

Thursday, October 8th:

Phog Lounge:

10:00pm – Silent Movie Type
11:00pm – The Vaudevillianaires
12:00am – Black Vulcan

Friday, October 9th:

Rino’s Kitchen:

7:00PM – Charlie Righteous

TRNSFRMR Gallery (510 Pellissier):

10:00pm – Lee Reed
11:00pm – D-Sisive
12:00am – Bangarang
1:00am – Speakrcreep

 Saturday, October 10th:

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Main Floor):

10:00pm – Lee Gaul
11:00pm – Common Deer
12:00am – Middle Sister

The Windsor Beer Exchange (Upstairs):

9:45pm – Old Code
10:45pm – Nefidovs
11:45pm – Broken Field Runner
12:45am – Shared Arms

Phog Lounge:

10:15 pm – Minors
11:00pm – Worry
11:45pm – Butchers
12:30am – No Hands

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