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Harvesting The FAM is Windsor, Ontario’s largest independent inter-arts festival designed for the promotion and development of Film, Fashion, Artistic and Musical talents (FAM), working in any medium or genre. The festival creates a positive, open-minded space for artists to exhibit, promote, perform and sell their works.

This year’s festival runs September 27th-October 11th at a variety of venues and spaces transforming the downtown core of Windsor into a cultural mecca for the masses. FAM Festival acts as a collective call to inform the people of Windsor, as well as communities throughout North America, that creativity lives here.

90% of showcases and events are FREE to the public. There are zero application fees for participating artists and no commissions taken from the sale of works. We work to create a place for emerging talents to be seen and heard. Can you dig it?

Be a part of the festival.

Interested in taking part in this years festival? We are looking for applications from any interested fashion designers, visual artists, film-makers, solo musicians or bands. This year’s festival runs from September 27th – October 11th // 2013.

We do things a bit differently at FAM Fest. We don’t think it’s fair that we charge you a fee to tell you did or didn’t make the cut for this year’s event. 90% of our events are free but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be compensated for your time. We have developed a system to put money in the hands of musicians and we take zero commission from the sale of works from any participating artists.

To Apply please fill out the following form and a representative will get in touch with you as soon as humanly possible! Thanks!

Sorry, applications are closed.

Volunteer to help.

Interested in helping us organize and run the festival? We’re always on the look out for motivated, creative people interested in volunteering their time to help us ensure that everything runs smoothly.

We’re looking for volunteers no matter how much or how little time you can give. Fill out the form below and someone will get in touch.

We look for volunteers to take part in a variety of capacities including but not exclusive to: Sound Techs, Stage Managers, Social Media Managers, Marketers, Promotors, Artist and Volunteer Liaisons, Photographers and Videographers.

No matter your skill-set or past experience, we can find a place for you to learn, teach and develop your portfolio.

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2013 Schedule.

Thanks for checking out the schedule! Our festival is composed of three categories this year, Film, Art and Music. Check out the full schedules below.


Thursday, October 10th 2013 at the Capitol Theatre

The premiere of Eric Boucher’s documentary ‘Windsor Shift Change’ exploring the shifting landscape of artistic culture in Windsor, Ontario. Stay after the screening for a performance from James OL who releases his album ‘For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky’.

This year’s festival also features the work of filmmakers from Windsor-Essex and beyond. See 3+ hours of independently produced music videos from…
Eric Boucher // Jarrod Ferris // Brent Kore // Lady Meta Productions // Sean Mcleod // Chris Paco // Jared Rabb // Benjamin Young-Hart

@ Milk Coffee Bar on October 3rd & 10th and @ Phog Lounge on September 29th & October 6th


The following art showcases will be a part of this years festival.

Phog Lounge between Sept 27th – Oct 12th

Earl // Murad Erzinclioglu // Maciejka Gorzelnik // Mathew Morand // Kevin Kavanaugh // Keith Ledoux // Jackie Lizzi // Devon Pastorius // Heather Teahan // Rob Zun

Milk Coffee Bar betweenSept 27th – Oct 12th

Vaughn Bénéteau // Briana Benore // Dianne Clinton // Stephen Gibb // Paul Labute // Christy Litster // Jackie Lizzi // Jay Raven // Steven Richter // Nadia Silvestri // Tuzey Tea

Glass Monkey Studios on Saturday, Sept 28th

The Incredible Comic Show (Comic Book Art!) 7pm-10pm – All Ages

Gene Colan // Darwyn Cooke // Dan De Carlo // David Creed // Johnny D // Jay Fabok // April Fawler // Shane Fawler // Tony Gray // David Finch // Russ Heath // Jeff Lemire // Sergio Mazzotta // Mr. Clothing // Jerry Robinson // John Romita Sr // Curt Swan // Chantelle Wigle // Ruben Yandoc // Dean Young

Guest talk from Dale Jacobs, author of Graphic Encounters: Comics And The Sponsorship Of Multimodal Literacy.

Music from Pivotal Ultra (Mach II)

Pop Hair Gallery on Saturday, October 5th

Showcase night: 7pm–10pm – All Ages featuring AYO // Peter Baille // Julie Bell // Derek Cerovski // Nicolas de Cosson // Denial // Earl // Sean Gammon // Meca // Tracy Paterson

Phog Lounge on Tuesday, October 8th

TOAST Open Mic Poetry from 8PM – Midnight

Artspeak Gallery on Saturday, Oct 12th

Showcase night: 7pm-10pm – All Ages. Featuring: Glen Hawkes // Julia Hall // Dave Houle // Paul Jacobs // Dave Kant // Tim Power // Reannon Price // George Rizok // Cerah Steele


Fri, Sept 27th

FM Lounge:
10:30pm – Heavy Suns
11:30pm – Construction & Destruction (Halifax)
12:30am – Blue Stones

Coach & Horses:
10:45pm – Line Drawn
11:45pm – Minors
12:45am – Worry

Sat, Sept 28th

Phog Lounge:
10:30pm – Devah (Toronto)
11:30pm – Lucifers’ Voyage
12:30am – RAF (Owen Sound)

Milk Coffee Bar: All Ages
10:00pm – This Machine Kills Robots
11:00pm – V For Escargot (Montreal)

Coach & Horses:
11:15pm – Bad Mines
12:15am – Silent Movie Type

Fri, Oct 4th:

FM Lounge:
10:15pm – Hellenica (Montreal)
11:00pm – King Weather (Toronto)
11:45pm – Learning
12:30am – Atsuko Chiba (Montreal)

Phog Lounge:
10:30pm – Hypnotics
11:30pm – Danny Laj & The Looks (Montreal)
12:30am – So Young (London)

Milk Coffee Bar: All Ages
9:45pm – Paul Jacobs
10:30pm – Weirdonia
11:15pm – Johnny Red Eyes (Toronto)
12:00am – Rowley Estate

Sat, Oct 5th

Coach & Horses:
10:30pm – Eraserhead
11:15pm – Greys (Toronto)
12:00am – TV Freaks (Hamilton)
12:45am – Cellos

Villains Beastro:
10:00pm – Andrew Macleod
10:45pm – Courtney Lynn (Toronto)
11:30pm – Leighton Bain
12:30am – The Locusts Have No King

FM Lounge:
10:00pm – Toque
10:45pm – Of The Pack
11:45pm – Wild Domestic (London)
12:45am – Tea Leaves

Phog Lounge:
10:15pm – M0d S0cial (Pittsburgh)
11:00pm – Tom Gaspar
11:45pm – Eightcubed (Toronto)
12:45am – Red Red Run

Wed, Oct 9th

Milk Coffee Bar: All Ages
9:30pm – Blastronaut (Toronto)
10:30pm – F3uding Fath3rs (Austin)
11:30pm – Jr.bob

Thurs, Oct 10th

Capitol Theatre: 12$ Adv // 15$ Door (Available at Phog, Dr.Disc and Ah Some Records)

A performance from James OL, who releases his album ‘For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky’. OL has amassed together a brilliant band to play his new album in its entirety. The premiere of Eric Boucher’s documentary ‘Windsor Shift Change’ exploring the shifting landscape of artistic culture in Windsor, Ontario will precede the performance.

Fri, Oct 11th

Villains Beastro:
10:45pm – RAID
11:45pm – WAX3AT3R (Kentukiana)
12:45pm – Poughboy

10:15pm – The Hoop
11:15pm – The Reply (Toronto)
12:15am – Nefidovs

Sat, Oct 12th

Walkerville Brewery:
9:00pm – Lee Gaul
9:45pm – Blackwood Honeybees (London)
10:30pm – Middle Sister
11:30pm – Unquiet Dead

Sat, Oct 19th:

Boom Boom Room: 10$ Advance // 15$ Door // 25$ w/ Limited Edition T-Shirt (Available at Boom Boom Room, Dr.Disc and I Was Here)

10:00pm – DJ Q-Bert // MC Flow // Josh Bryant // DJ Smooth

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